Trivikram Srinivas, Tollywood Director
This is such a novel idea. Great work! You should call this personalization of Puranas.
Swapna Dutt Chalasani, Producer
What an amazing idea! Diwali book is just beautiful
Neeraja Gayatri Varada
We ordered 2 books from apicbook store. The Stories are simply wonderful. My experience with the team, from the moment I placed the order was very smooth. Vidya took extra effort to take our requests into account and delivered the books to the Netherlands at very short notice. I cannot imagine a better gift for kids.
Kamesh Moola (NY, USA)
A fresh approach to bringing authentic stories to the world. Indian folklore is full of wisdom and ethics that need to be inculcated in every child. This is one of a kind personalized effort to bring that to light. The quality of the story and the print is world-class and I hope to read more of these stories to my son... Kudos Apicbook...
Apurva (NY, USA)
Excellent quality. My nephew LOVED that the book contained his photo. The book exceeded my expectations and made my nephew a very happy boy. I will definitely be buying from apicbook again.
Block illustration
Block illustration

A million unique experiences

"Human mind processes stories not logic. Storytelling is probably the oldest art form that's inherent to humans" We all love stories - be it a superhero saving the world, an underdog fighting against all odds to win, a fairy helping a kid, or a couple finding love. Stories emotionalize information. Stories give color and depth to otherwise bland material and they allow people to connect with the message in a deeper, more meaningful way. Stories are the reason you stay awake at night to binge-watch a series. Stories are why you cannot put down an interesting book until you complete it. Stories are why people wait in lines for hours to pick up the first copy of a book. Stories make people laugh, cry and leave an indelible impression in the reader's mind. In short, stories are powerful! A good story makes you a part of it - you travel with the characters, you connect with a few, you feel the emotions of the characters and eventually, unknowingly you try to become one of them. Imagine this is possible, you become not any character but the central character, and not just for any story but a story of your choice. In fact, imagine a story that is woven around you - your interests, your ideas, characters you like, and places you love. A tailor-made story for you!!. How cool would that be? This is what we aim to do!! Not just for you but for your friends, family, kids, relatives, parents, and everyone. We have a lofty goal of creating a unique tailor-made story experience for everyone who wishes to dream and wants a story of his/her own. We want to create a billion unique meaningful experiences!! We are not just a pic book, we are Apicbook!

How to Order

1. Pick a book from the collection 2. Pick a size A4 is large, A5 is small 3. Fill in the details - Kid's name, Picture, Personalized Message 4. Checkout and Pay

How do I create a Personalized book?

Browse our collection of personalized books, and we’ll put your child right inside the story, making it their own forever more. All you need to do to create a one-in-a-million gift is add your child’s name, add their picture, and write your heartfelt dedication message. We’ll weave everything together into a unique custom book starring your child, print it on high-quality paper, and deliver it straight to your front door!
Nizampet, Hyderabad
Daily 9:00 AM — 11:00 PM

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